Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How/Where do I order?
A: All orders can be placed at
Q: I am in search of… (sublimation blanks). Do you have this item?
A: Did you check if it’s listed on the website? Chances are there’s a reason they are not available at – they might be out of stock, but en route; they might not be restocking/never been available; they don’t make sense for a supplier to carry (don’t sell good enough/fast enough/take up a lot of space);

Q: I need help from admin!
A: You can always message Laura Amundson, Ruzhka Raynova or Lindsay on Facebook with your questions or concerns. They try their best to be responsive and polite. Some of them never succeed.
You'll get best answers when you email 

Q: What is the size of… (blank) ?
A: There is a link to a Google drive in your order confirmation email. That will take you to templates for most blanks, offered by Perpetual Supply Co.
Q: Do you have a video of / How do you sublimate this blank?
A: There is a #howto topic in the Facebook group, that has a lot of useful tips and tricks on how to sublimate blanks and use the tumbler press.

Q: How much do you sell "this" product for?
A: There is no right answer to this question. This depends on your market, your target group, your current clients. Make sure you cover your costs and pay yourself for your time.
Q: Can I get a refund if I forgot to use my discount code? 
A: Unfortunately, no. You can not. Sorryyyyyy 
Q: What do I do if my order says "Delivered" and I don't see it at my house? 
A: - You can ask your neighbors if they have it/seen it. 
     - You can call your local post office and ask about your package, they will have GPS Tracking of where it was delivered. If it's their mistake - they will take it from there and hopefully return the package. 
   - If you still can't find it, you can follow these links for more information: